Are e cigarettes safe for travel?

We know that vaping is getting more and more trendy with time and people are giving up smoking because they can get their nicotine fix from e-cigarettes now easily. For us to be able to vape now without having to worry about the smoke that is harmful or the different chemicals that are harmful for humans, is a big deal and is being considered to be put up as policy for some countries. These countries have not only agreed with the vaping world that it is beneficial, but are employing them in rehab centres and clinics to adopt. Some of the countries do not think it should be banned, but some do but that is still not clear, which ones want to do that.

Fly with Vape

Vape and smoke are two different things that have nothing in common, apart from the fact that the former is healthier than latter and in principle like that. But having said that, we notice that people have been confused whether vaping is banned at public places or whether which flavor are best  and other questions. Considering that vaporizers are used by smokers who are on the verge of quitting, and it is available everywhere, we have to look how these people, are able to travel from one place to another, and vape easily. There are many flights that do not categorically refrain from vaping and, smoking law cannot be generalized to this vape. Getting to know what flights allow and what flights don’t is a tedious task and we have curated and compiled these few to be somewhat among all, that ban is pertinent. However if you do travel with these airlines, you won’t be breaking the law, but the airline might ask you to leave the flight or look after it for you.



Saudi Airlines


Thai airlines


US Airways

Virgin Atlantic

Confusion for Vape

These countries can now be stated to help the quitters rather than resorting to old ways of patches or gums which clearly did not help much.  Regardless of that, we think it is high time these devices are employed for the purpose of letting people quit smoking as it helps to do that efficiently.

The airlines are still not clear as to what to do about vape, if they can be carried or not, and one should definitely not use them at airports or during flights. Some people are rude while some aren’t and the airlines should have rules regarding these devices. The use of these devices is certainly brilliant for those who have been trying to quit. E-cigarettes have a very different way going on now, and governments are still confused whether the use of these vaporizers can be adjusted to begin the idea that they are helpful. The people and governments being this much untold, now feel that they should have better input into the matter and run a better business. This is not it, the industry can also benefit as well.

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