Increasing life of Vape Coil


With e-cigarettes in contention, we have to keep in mind the fact that vape coils need to have some sort of regulation. Because the nature of the coils is such that it needs to have good care, it is recommended that the copper coil which is part of the e-cigarette tank should be kept clean.

The vape coil in the e-cigarette is responsible for creating clouds from e-liquid. If the coil gets rusty, it can be detrimental in terms of health as well. That is why, whenever a person is cleaning a coil, they should dry it properly so that there is no rust.

We know that there are a lot of problems when one vapes as it is relatively a new trend in the world. Due to the nature of the product, it becomes that much necessary that we understand how a product works and how it is used with care.

There are no rules as to how the life of a vape coil can be increased, and it is taken care of with just a few tips and tricks that can keep the copper coil in e-cigarette working. Some of the tricks are:

Priming Coil

The most basic step is to prime your coil in an e-cigarette. It means to install the wick (cotton that is inside the coil) properly.

The wick is them placed in the e-cigarettes head hole which opens to the e-cigarette tank. E-liquid should be in direct contact with the wick to keep it saturated evenly. That is the most essential part of having to vape, i.e.; wick being evenly saturated in vape juice.

Before starting the e-cigarette, it is essential that one gently vapes with dry hits to make sure the e-liquid is evenly distributed. Once you start to vape, go with small puffs so that the new coil expands and contracts evenly when vaping.

Cleaning Vape coil

Cleaning the vape coil after 2-3 days is of high priority and can drastically increase the life of your vape coil.

When washing your vape coil, use hot boiling water and excessive e-juice should be washed off from the vape coil. Before you rebuild your tank, make sure that you have dried the water from the vape coil and that it has no residue of water. This will ensure that there is no rust over the vape coil.

Vape coil recovery

Excess of everything is bad, and using e-cigarettes too much can cause harm to the life of vape coil. When vaping, try to give some time to the vape coil so that you don’t overuse it.

These tricks are in no way an assurance that your vape coil will stay fit because everyone’s usage of e-cigarettes is very different. There are those who use it with diligent care and then those who use it with no care at all. Sometimes, the e-liquids may become the cause of harm to vape coil or the different wattage levels.

That is why one should use the e-cigarettes with utmost care as it may harm the tank, coil or one’s health.

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