Vaping Mistakes you make

vape mistakes

When one shifts from smoking to vaping they often make some common mistakes which can be quite hazardous. Here are the few steps you need to follow before becoming a new vaper.

Poor Quality Device:

When one gets into vaping they’ve a wide range of e-liquids and devices to choose from, which may include low cost and poor quality devices. They may seem cheaper but won’t work efficiently. Considering the cost friendly effect isn’t a sin but compromising on the quality of your first e-cigarette isn’t a great idea.

So do not buy something that costs the cheapest in the lot. As you’re switching from smoking to a device which must be reliable enough, low quality vaping instrument will only make your experience bad with distasteful flavor and make it uneasy to use. Nothing makes vaping worse than having to deal with problems like a leak, malfunction, or a failure of the device in the beginning.

To prevent such a thing you must do proper homework like one do before buying anything precious. Going through blogs, articles, reviews and forums may help understanding vaping well. Then you may visit a vape shop and inquire about the products as the vape shops have experienced employees whom may guide you about buying the most reliable and easy to use device.

Figuring out the right nicotine Amount:

When you switch smoking with vaping you must know that you’re basically using nicotine in a liquid form. It slowly may affect your habit of smoking and you’d be able to quit smoking in a while. For some it is possible to happen right away but it may take some time for others. Nevertheless, the key point to understand is the amount of nicotine intake.

When it comes to the amount of nicotine, the point to ponder upon is that vaping doesn’t deliver the same intensity of nicotine as that of cigarette. It means vaping isn’t satisfying your craving for the nicotine and leave you unsatisfied to smoke cigarettes again.

Nicotine salts are the biggest solution to it. Adding Nic Salts may almost fulfill your craving of nicotine. Paring nicotine salts with right device may get nicotine to your blood more quickly. If you choose to go with traditional e-liquids also known as Freebase Nicotine, for a heavy smoker, you must go for higher nicotine e-juice. If one is using a subohm device which runs on higher power, you must try 6MG nicotine with it because a higher amount would taste harsh. A lower powered device may be used with 12MG nicotine. It’s better to choose other flavors as nicotine is not a great flavor to opt and lower you Nic levels. Above all, one most know that most companies don’t offer freebase nicotine higher than 12 MG.

Choosing the wrong device:

It’s quite attractive to have an advanced fancy device with high wattage but equally complicated to understand the basic vaping.

As big box mods are quite expensive, having bought it may make you feel remorseful when it doesn’t fit in your lifestyle. Because when you want it to fit into your pocket and it doesn’t, it leaves you with anxiety and irritation.

So the best recommendation is this regard lies in a simple high rated device. The one which fits your pocket, compatible with your lifestyle and offers an appropriate battery life. MTL Pod Mod devices are among the top for Nic Salts.

Picking the wrong E-liquid:

In general you’re open to choose in Tobacco, Menthol, fruity, desserts, beverages like tea or coffee and creamy. So before buying any flavor you can try the available flavors at your local vape shop which would save a lot of your time and energy.

Extra Buying as a beginner

While buying a vape we tend to spend too much as we think quality can be bought by extra money which afterwards leaves you with regret. The real answer to this dilemma is to acquire the most compatible vaping device because at first all you need is a good device with an extra battery.

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